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Josie smiling
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on John and Gertrud

On Saturday, March 20, John passed away early in the morning with his wife Gertrud and his sister by his side. In the past three weeks, Josie and I had spent only 4 nights home in our own house, and that was one of them. The other nights, Josie and I had spend with Gert and John in the Hospice sleeping on Josie's largest dog bed, which I purchased one Christmas from Doctor's Foster & Smith Catalog.

These three weeks have been the best and the worst. The best in the fact that Gertrud, Josie and I have bonded in a way that I've never imagined one can bond. We gave of our hearts unconditionally and were there for her in any way we could be. We made sure she slept and ate. We were there for her to talk, cry and just sit quietly and hold her hand if need be. Josie was incredible with doing her Pet Therapy. The nurses at the Hospice were amazed at her abilities and how sweet she is. She would watch over John every minute. Anytime a nurse came near him, she would watch what they did to him, lovingly. She would console Gert too.

And the worst because we watched this dreaded disease called Cancer slowly take her husband from us. He seemed in a way to get better, before he left us. But, then again, We've never had an experience like this before. The love between them was so incredible. Sometimes I would cry in my car on the way to the Hospice just so I wouldn't cry once I got there. I would call my brother Gary and talk to him. He would make me cry or laugh...or both. (thanks Gare, for being there, always!)

And THANK YOU to all of you, my blog friends, for your support, love and patience as I went on this journey and you all waited for me and you all posted your many words of support and love. How great it is to have all of you as my "family" to be here to me. I love all of you so much!

A special shout out to Remington for Josie's "St. Patrick's Day Card"! What a bright spot that was! Josie would have posted on your blog had we had a computer to do so. But we have much posting to do now and much postings to read and comment on in the coming weeks. It will be fun catching up on all of your antics, I'm sure!!!

The pictures above are of the card Josie and I made for Gertrud and gave to her at when John first went into Hospice Care. Josie and I have are going to go to the bakery and get some fresh baked bread to bring to her and some Pignoli Cookies (Gert's favorite!). Yesterday, I made a huge batch of homemade sauce and zitis and brought that over with fresh grated cheese so she would have some fresh food to eat. And some tulips, bright yellow, to brighten her house up.

I love the whole card, but the one quote quite sums it up:

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die" ~ Thomas Campbell

Much Love to all of you! Woof!
Josie and her mom, MB