Josie smiling

Josie smiling
One ear up and one ear trademark look

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone after a long absence. I won't go into a long-winded story, but a lot has been going on. What I will say, it through it all Josie and I have still been doing our Therapy Dog work and she has been working her magic. That being said, here is a little story. (There will be lots of little stories to try to catch up...)

This past spring, I had to go dermatologist to have a few moles removed. Nothing serious. One of the moles came back suspicious. Again, nothing serious, but the doctors wanted me to have the skin removed around the mole. I decided I didn't want this done until the end of the summer because I wouldn't be allowed to get any sun on my back. So, this past early October I go to have this procedure done. I am laying in the room and the doctor and nurse are performing the procedure. They are making conversation with me to take my mind off the fact that they are actually cutting me and removing some skin. I don't feel a thing and I mention that I do volunteer work at two of the local hospitals with my dog and we are a Certified Therapy Team. When they are done, the doctor leaves, but the nurse is finishing up with me and she says "My daughter had a therapy dog visit her when she was in the hospital..." and I say "Well, maybe it was Josie. Did the dog go up on the bed?" and she answered "I don't remember, so much was going on." and I said "Well, Josie is the only one who goes on the bed on a red blanket..." and I soon as I mentioned the red blanket, she stopped and looked at me and started crying. I looked at her and said "What's wrong?" She said "Nothing, it was Josie that visited her..she remembered the red blanket", so that's when I showed her a picture of Josie and she said "Yes, that's her" and she proceeded to tell her how much that visit meant to her daughter. That they weren't going to even let the dog visit her because her daughter is allergic to dogs, but her daughter really wanted to have the dog visit and that Josie was a wonderful experience that day and her daughter talked about it for weeks and weeks. And it meant so much to her. And she hugged and thanked me. So here I am having this surgery and I meet someone who Josie has touched. How sweet is that??? Soooo sweet. Well, she said her daughter is doing very well and never forgets what Josie did for her. Gotta love it!!

I will be posting a new post after Halloween complete with pictures. Hugs and woofs to all of you.
Much Love,
MB, Josie and Blues

And now...some pictures of my pups...
Josie making sure we're sailing the boat correctly...check out her can see how windy it was...two ears up!!
First Mate Josie making sure the port side is clear.
First Mate Josie on our last voyage of the season.
Josie looking cuter than ever on our new futons.
Mr. Blues all grown up and striking a pose!!!