Josie smiling

Josie smiling
One ear up and one ear trademark look

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hospital Visit on Thursday Night

Well, after stopping by Petco and getting some Josie supplies, I decided to go to the hospital and check on a patient, Donna. That was the mother who was on the the surgical floor whose family was with her. Not sure what exactly was wrong with her. I never ask. It's not my business. We're only there to cheer them up, take their minds off why they are there. But we did visit her and her family two nights in a row and they were very receptive to Josie and she really perked up when Josie was lying next to her on her bed. So I decided to check on her to see how she was doing. Well, her husband Fred and one of their daughters Carol were there and they were very excited to see Josie walk into the room. Once I laid down Josie's blanket and got her up on the bed with Donna, Fred and Carol couldn't wait to present some doggie bones and treats they had picked up for Josie hoping we would visit again. How sweet of them!! I was so touched. I mean, here we are visiting them to cheer them up. It's their mom who is sick and they go out of their way to go to the pet store to pick up some treats for Josie. If that doesn't show how Josie effects people. She just lights up the room with her doggie smile and her funny ears. One ear up and one ear down. I was so, so appreciative. I hugged them both and thanked them so much. Then proceeded to sit with them and Donna for about an hour and we laughed the whole time we were there. Josie just laid with Donna while she pet Josie the whole time. It's total magic. I explained that I had a Pediatrics visit on Saturday, so I would check in with them later in the day on Saturday. They thanked Josie again for the visit and I thanked them for the gifts and we got home about 8:30. What a great night. Get well Donna! She should be going home by Sunday. That's great news. She said Josie definitely helped with her recovery. Awesome!! Keep spreading the love. It's very catchy.

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  1. what a wonderful life you lead, spreading happiness whereever you go, and you are right love and happiness is contagious


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