Josie smiling

Josie smiling
One ear up and one ear trademark look

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mischievous Monday....Snow and Squirrels!!

I just needed a small break from the seriousness I was posting. I mean, why does Jazzi, Chloe, Remington and Madi get all the fun! LOL!! I wanted to just post some fun pictures of Josie playing in the snow. They remind me of what she would look like if playing with Khyra! So here's to you Khrya, my beautiful snowy friend. And of course all my other friends out there. You know who you are. ;-)

The bottom two are for....oh come's not that hard...SQUIRRELQUEEN!!!

Judy and Miss Cindi, OMG....sorry they are a little blurry...we have a big picture window, (so I had to shoot through that)...and our holly bush was broken in one of the snow storms. And it was last Saturday, and I had just come back from a visit to the hospital (that's of course a whole new story) and there's a squirrel sitting right on top of the broken branch eating a nut. Well, I thought of SQ (really, I did, isn't that great!!) ran and grabbed my camera and clicked away. So there you go Judy....I hope you enjoy them. So cute. If you enlarge it, you can see three colors in the squirrel's tail. Pretty neat. I will try to get more for you. They have been pretty active since the snow has started to melt.

Madi and M.O.M., you are next. The birds are starting to arrive too. So get ready when I take my breaks from my visits and serious posts. Which I can tell I will need. I have some serious pictures of some Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks I know I promised you!!!

John and Gert need your prayers, BTW. So keep them coming. It's only a matter of time. Thanks. Josie and I have been working overtime. That's why the much needed break.

Sorry if we haven't been hitting your posts or posting too much. I hope you all understand. Plus I heard the Rainbow Bridge has been a bit busy. For all of our furry friends that have passed on, may angels carry you on their wings and may your humans get peace in knowing that you loved them dearly unconditionally. May that love live on in stories and pictures, so that they may live forever in all of our hearts. Much love everyone. Life is way too short for anything else. Woof!


  1. Is Josie making snow angels? How fun!

    Love the photo of the squirrel eating.

  2. GREAT pics! Fun in the snow! And you know I like squirrels!

  3. Glad you got to enjoy the snow, Josie! We got six more inches here last night! Oy! Those squirrels are giving me ideas!


  4. Oh yah Josie,
    You gotta have some fun too!! I love to try and get those pesty squirrels. They are starting to be out here some too and before long they will be keeping my plenty busy. I got to go in the snow too today while Mom was snowblowing!! fun fun fun

    big smiles fellow squirrels chaser

  5. Snow!

    Thanks fur sharing Josie's snowy fun!

    PeeEssWoo: SKHWIRRELS!!!

  6. Josie, I'm glad you got a chance to kick back and play in the snow. You and your mom have been workin' hard lately.

    Those are certainly cute squirrel pictures. He looks like he is just asking for a good chase.

    Remember to take care of yourselves, you two, and recharge.

  7. Squirrel! I see a squirrel! What a little cutie he is, really enjoying that nut. I think the photos are great, I love them.

    Josie you look so cute playing in the snow. It is a good break from work for you. Like Lindy said, take good care of yourselves.

    John and Gert are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  8. I've never seen a dog roll in the snow - adorable!

  9. Hey Josie
    Looks like enormous fun! Those squirrels are hectic! Were you trying to give them therapy by any chance?

  10. Great pictures Josie!!!! What fun you had rolling in the snow!!! You make us smile watching you have such a good time.
    Mom is talking about buy a new hummingbird feeder this weekend. We LOVE hummingbirds.
    We bought all new regular feeders in January so we are ready and waiting for any of the fine feathered friends who want to come calling.
    Enjoy yourself sweet friend.
    Madi and Mom

  11. what fun, a dog making snow angels! and i do so love the one ear up in the snow pic! thanks for sharing, I love dog pictures and of course Squirrels. I am sure squirrelqueen is happy with this post.

  12. There are few things more precious that a pup enjoying the snow :) I had the chance to discover that this year! Josie looks like she is enjoying herself immensely, and it DOES look like she's making a snow angel! Precious!

  13. Hi Josie
    The Crepe Myrtle comes in a variety of colors from white, to several shades of pink and lavender and even a very dark dusty rose. They are hot weather lovers blooming in July.
    I really think the bark is the prettiest thing about them as their blooms are messy lots of clean up required. We have ours in the middle of our natural area so it doesn't matter how many flowers fall.....Madi and Mom

  14. It's a good time for a snow break! Enjoy yourself sweetie!

    Emma Rose

  15. So Lovely to see you playing in the snow :-)
    Enjoy and make fun ...

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Josie, you are so cute playing in the snow! I'm glad the two of you had a chance to relax and recharge. John and Gert are in our thoughts and prayers...

  17. Hi, Josie!
    I can see you had lots of fun playing there in the snow!
    A well deserved break from all your hard work!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. You must really like snow. Want some more? I have plenty.


  19. Josie, you LIE DOWN IN THE SNOW???
    I'll walk in it. I'll run in it. But I would NEVER lie down in it, BOL!


    PS. Do you want me to come bark at that squirrel fur you? Cuz I will...

  20. This dog seems to be having a lot of fun :D

  21. Looks like you were having a lot of fun in all that snow!

  22. I love how Josie's ear stands up! (And yes, our dog is a little Sheltie!!)

  23. Um... Josie, it looks COLD where you are. Brrrr. I love squirrels, but if we had all that white stuff outside, I think I'd just be watching the squirrels from the window!

    xoxo - Yodi :)

  24. Joy is always present in your posts, even the sad ones.


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