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Josie smiling
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rescue's Story. Sure to bring tears to your eyes.

This isn't my normal post, but Josie and I have been so busy this past weekend with Hospital visits and snow, I just haven't had a chance to post yet.

My good friend Sharon, sent me this email, and I had to share it with all of you. She runs a rescue called Adopt-A-Pet out of Freehold, NJ. Website:

"My name will be Rescue if I live. I heard my new name whispered in my ear several times today but I was not sure if that was me. As I lay here now, clinging to life, I will look forward to everyone calling me Rescue. Several months ago, many people saw me running the streets. They tried to call me over but I did not trust them. At one time I had someone to trust but as my life went on I must have done something wrong to be tossed into the streets. I am very street smart, even looking both ways when traveling across the street. Sometimes I had to wait a bit to cross, but I made it. I made it every time for months. I was good at getting food, not sure what it was that I ate, but I could survive. Then someone was tired of chasing me and set a humane dog trap. I knew if I went in it, I may have been caught by someone who would just love me for a short time and rid of me again. I could not deal with that anymore. I did not want my heart broken again. One day Ken came looking for me. He saw me, opened up a can of food and as I ran away, he tossed the food to me. When he turned around to leave I saw the dog food all over his back. I had to laugh but I didn't get that meal. I passed the baited trap every day but still would not trust it, even know the meals inside smelled great. I would just have to search for each meal on my own. The weather has been getting harder and harder to get around and find shelter and food. I was hoping the spring would come soon.  
As I wondered aimlessly late last night, my pads of my feet were starting to crack from the snow. I could not feel my feet anymore so I decided to walk on the part of the road that had no snow.  It made my feet feel much better.   A few more days and the snow would be gone again and I could go back to walking on the shoulder of the road were it would be much safer. But as someone whispers "Rescue" in my ear, they tell me that I will NEVER have to walk the streets again. I will never have to search for food again and I will be loved FOREVER. I only hope that this is true because  Ann came to pick me up off the side of the road where a car struck me. I am very badly injured and each second is a miracle to be here. Ann called the person who named me Rescue. She said she would one day soon save me off the streets but by the tears in her eyes I don't think she meant this way.  I will start to trust again if only I get a second chance at life. I ask for the sake of my humane friends that you say a prayer for me because their hearts are broken. They tried for several months to help me and I do not want to disappoint them. If I survive, I will ask again for your support for I will be in need of surgery. I hope that I will someday be able to meet all of you that listened to my story. If I do not survive, I will now know that I leave this world remaining in someone's heart. Thank you to all animal lovers."

2/9/10 Update: Those prayers seem to be working. Please keep them coming. Rescue has make it through the night and if she holds on for another day we believe she will make it. There is a chance that her front leg is so badly broken it might have to be removed, but that isn't something to worry about now.

Please keep the prayers coming for Rescue. Much love to you all. Woof soon!


  1. Oh me what a touching and sad story of a beautiful girl with a STRONG will to live.
    Rescue we are sending lots of prayers your way.
    Keep fighting sweet girl there is lots of love coming your way. This is Valentine week and we are sure there are many hearts beating fast for you. Madi and Mom

  2. OH, that is such a sad story but hopefully will have a happy ending!! Our prayers are with you rescue and you keep there you hear???


  3. to sad for words. I will pray for Rescue. My Jake was so bad he almost died, but he did make it and my heart goes out to all of these wonderful pets that are neglected and abused and unloved. keep us posted

  4. God help her and all the innocents of the world.

  5. Dear Josie & Mom
    It is really nice to meet you...
    What a wonderful dog Josie is...the perfect uplifting companion for a patient's bed! Congratulations on being a therapy dog. You have my greatest admiration...what wonderful work you do.
    Just want to wish you well in all your work and to send love to Gertrude and her hubby in hospital. Hope he gets well soon.
    With love and licks

  6. May God put His hand on Rescue, healing her and giving her comfort.

  7. Such a touching story !!!!
    You are doing FANTASTIC work
    you have a golden heart :-)
    My thoughts are with all dogs & cats
    they need it !!!

  8. Our thoughts are with Rescue. <3

    Sounds like your family did things the right way Josie. I think we made the mistake of rushing Sagira into being a therapy dog before she was ready and now she "fear barks". I always wanted a therapy dog and that is how we found our training center. Sagira did pass her TDI exam and the examiner felt Sagira would get more comfortable the more she visited but it ended up being the opposite. So when that didn't work out we tried our hand at agility and she LOVES it. She isn't super duper fast so we will not have any ribbons I am sure, but she loves being in the ring and putting on a show. We are taking Sagira to a behaviorist in March to see if we can get her fear barking corrected. If so we might try the TDI thing again if she is ready. I don't want to make her do something she doesn't really want to do. The best part of the story is our other dog Samick passed his TDI test when he was 10. I had a therapy dog all along and didn't even know it!

  9. Much good luck wished for Rescue! We hope she makes a full recovery, but we know a lot of greyhound tripods and they seem to do alright. We're hoping things go well for her!


  10. I echo Tina and Remington's comments. I couldn't even read the entire post. Rescue's photo was almost more than my heart could bear. =( Houndstooth is very correct about all the greyhound tripods. Rescue will be in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

  11. Hi Rescue,

    You can relax and feel safe now. These hoomans will take very good care of you and make sure you find a special home when you are ready. We will keep our paws crossed, hoping your sad story has a happy ending.


  12. Sending energy your way Rescue, thank you for sharing this story of a fellow fur friend Josie.


  13. Rescue, Hang on girlfreind!! I am a rescued dog too and you must know your little life is worth living. That lady will shower you with love the rest of your life. Fight Rescue, Fight very hard to live...your life with will be glorious! You are in our prayers everyday. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  14. I think there is an omen in that I got to ride along with Sampson last Thursday -

    He had the same rough life on I40 in TN - he lost his bakhk rear leg but he's still a spunky fella!

    Paws khrossed fur RESCUE!


  15. Sending every ounce of energy I have, hang in there girl...

  16. Hi Josie!
    My prayers are with Rescue. Please keep me posted. I'm a very sensitive lad, and I have a few tears rolling down my furry cheek. My heart goes out to every "Rescue" out there.

    Oh, what a comment on my blog, lady! You're quite a catch, I must say myself. And, I'm a ladies man. But, you may not be too in love if you saw the way I behaved at therapy dog class (Southern Charm School) tonight. I was just, well, a clown. I LOVE it when all the other Moms and Dads laugh at me, and that leads to more shenanigans. I know how to be a good boy, and I will, but I've gotta entertain the audience, you know. So, instead of "sit", I like to do something like "roll over". Sit is SO boring, and EVERYDOG can do THAT, but if I do something like "take a bow", then everyone laughs. My mom gets emarrassed though, and I DO know better. I am Irish, and I am a see?

    If you're still interested, give me a shout! I AM adorable AND available, but not a therapy dog...yet. I think you are just gorgeous, and what character you have and such a good soul helping people. But, opposites attract, right?

  17. My prayers are with you, Rescue. Please hang in there, dear.

  18. Hi Josie & Mom,

    The title of your post was correct, Rescue's story did bring tears to my eyes. I will be sending all the good energy and prayers I can find to Rescue. Please keep us updated on her condition.


  19. This is such a sad story. I hope Rescue will be given a chance to live. Prayers are with Rescue.

  20. poor baby girl.. thank god she's in your loving hands now.

    i can't help wondering if the person driving the car that struck her bothered to check if she was alive and injured?

  21. While reading all your posts about Rescue I am very comforted by your words. Just needed to let you know how much these words mean to me.
    For The Love of Animals


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